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First Session

Intake and Setting Goals

During your first session and before treatment, expect to spend an additional 15 minutes reviewing your intake form of relevant medical history and setting goals. This will help provide the best possible service and enhance your experience. Please print and complete the Intake before arriving. If you are unable to print, a copy will be provided at the time of your appointment.

Clothing – Convenient

Please come dressed in loose fitting clothes that allow for a full range of movement – workout clothes, cycling clothes, warm-ups, yoga tights, even pleated dockers. And when receiving Deep Tissue, Orthopedic or Swedish Massage clients typically disrobe to their level of comfort. Appropriate draping is used to ensure your modesty at all times.


By phone only. Please give at least 24 hours prior notice that an appointment time cannot be kept. Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time and no shows will be charged at 1/2 the rate for the missed session.

Late Arrivals

The remaining appointment time will be honored and used for the session.


Restrooms are provided.